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Double album


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^ what ? you mean he doesnt watch Deal or no deal ? :laugh3:


I haven't seen a greatest hits in store either, but haven't you ever seen this vid?


oh no, you really shouldnt believe ANYTHING Chris says here ! :)

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Em. Prob for the best that they don't release double albums. Much prefer the idea of an LP and then a 7-track EP a few months after, during the middle of the tour, to re-ignite interest. My two cents.



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That's a comedy show called Extras. :D He's acting.


Did you think that's what Chris was really like? :stunned:


No, I didn't! I know perfectly that this is not the real Chris. :lol: I have always thought this vid was hilarious! :laugh3:

But I thought the thing with the greatest hits was real. :thinking: I just thought it was only the way he behaved and promoted the album that was acting. :\

I have even talked with others and asked the Oracle about why I havn't seen such album. I feel so stupid now. :embarassed: :smug2:

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