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Don't you hate it?


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Don't you hate it when you go shopping or something and you find someone who almost, ALMOST looks EXACTLY like Jonny, or Will, or Chris, or Guy?


Had that encounter tonight. Where? None other than Walmart. haha.


The guy at the register looked EXACTLY AND I MEAN EXACTLY! like Guy, but with lighter brown hair. OMG.


Same smile. Same face form. SAME EVERYTHING.


You have no idea how hard I was trying to contain myself.


His name was Colin. haha. xD

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I saw someone who looked like guy at the concert in Mannheim! He was walking to the arena with his girlfriend and his hair and clothes and everything reminded me of Guy...but when he turned around he didn`t look like him anymore, his face wasn`t as nice as Guy`s :cry:

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A few weeks ago I saw two Chris look a likes on the same day!

One sat in the bus in front of me. He had such nice curly light hair. I was soo hoping nobody would catch me how I was staring at him the whole time. Aw. I was always thinking look back so I can finally be sure it isn't Chris. He did, and it wasn't him. But dudes, I liked that bus ride very much :lol:

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my mailman looks just like will. i mean, it's crazy. they were basically seprated at birth.


if any of you ladies want some, i can hook that up. :laugh4:!!!


:lol: . . .




sweeeeet! :wink3:

mail him to me! (I kid) :D


I once saw a kid on my bus who looked like a Goth version of Jonny! Seriously!!! Wore all black everyday.

But he had THOSE GREEN EYES too!!! *EEEP!!! :dead:

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Once I saw a guy who WAS Chris.. same nose, same eyes, same face, same shaved hair, same.. everything.. I was quite shocked, my mother said to me:"Close your mouth, you are dribbling.."


:laugh3: Oh god, how embarrassing... I'd probably end up doing the same :lol:

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Well when I went to the Coldplay concert, there were so many guys who looked like Chris it was amazing and of course back then I was doing extensive research on what Chris Martin's youngest brother would like. So anyway, I wasn't sure whether we were allowed to take water bottles into the arena for the risk that some idiot might throw it at the band. So, I took a mouthful of water and then threw the water bottle into the bin.... except it missed and water went everywhere and who should be approaching but a guy who I would lay money on for being chris' brother. The guy looked at me and laughed and I was like whoops.. He was also interested in how I broke my leg :P


And another encounter with a Chris look a like.... I dated one! Hott!

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