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Obama is the next President of the U.S.!


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Today towards the end of the day I started feeling a little better about things. I hope Obama keeps to his promises to really help us get creative about alternate power, recycling, etc. I would love to see new ideas open up about fuel, especially. This is the big chance to stop blaming our fuel prices on Republicans, hurricanes or Martians or whatever. Democrats are going to get their chance to prove that they can really make the fuel problem better. (can they? not without our help. No one can without our help.)


At least things won't be blamed on the right anymore and Democrats will get a chance to put their money where their mouth is. I say this with hope, not sarcasm. It's gonna mean work on all of our parts.


Getting a new president is just the beginning of the journey.


Although, I am a little concerned when people start saying, "Let's have a..." and then make up a list of traits. Our presidency shouldn't be based on flavor of the month or new and exciting. Just because you're black or white, male or female, doesn't make you a good leader. I hope our country hasn't gotten to where we'll choose someone just to break a record or something.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm glad the election is over... and I'm gonna buckle down and get back to work. Today was very slow at my store, sadly... :(


Of course, supporting your local businesses is a different conversation. Maybe i'll start a thread!! :D

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It's very cool to think that this is a huge moment for America whether you voted for Obama or not. I can imagine telling my kids about where I was when it happened and all that lol. Historic moment.


Yeah, it's amazing!!!!I've rarely been that happy.In MOntreal, Everyone was partying like mad after he won.There are Obama grafitis on some walls :) and people were wearing Obama buttons and t-shirts all day.

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I cant remember, wern't people this optomistic when George Bush took over? or Tony Blair??? fair enough ill give the guy a chance. But i reckon theres going to be a lot of assasination attempts.


So many things have happened in the last 8 years maybe Obama has a clear run ahead of him. I don't think he'll be starting any wars. Hes absolved from any guilt if the economy gets worse. Its looking good... I guess.


Even so life might get better for America, I don't care tbh, I want to see America signing energy bills, pouring money into Africa, using its standing point to make the world a better place.


Its scary if he gets its wrong Sarah Palin is running for office in 2012... and her party got 48% of the vote. Its amazing how insanely out of touch middle America is with the rest of the known world. Thankfully California is the state that packs the most clout.

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This has turned out really well so far, hasn't it? Well, at long as it's not your money.






In general I don't get it.


If anything his policies and ideas are typically M.O.R not prepared to do much about anything yet fodder weve always had... He believes in global warming (well that makes a change) but he can't seem to make up his mind on gay marriage or gun control. He's still got that bullshit position on the M.E. America has had for generations and he still recognises Isreal (nobody recognises Isreal... its uncool to recognise Isreal) apperently hes not tough on defence (how hard can it be to beat a colour coded system of alerts???)


Sure this guy is better than Bush for sure, but Bush had many a disaster to deal with that most presidents dont ever see one of in a term. Since Barak has been help up in the newspapers as the second coming of christ he seems to already just be nothing more than a less crazy version of the traditional American politician.



Not being in America, not seeing everything from the inside I don't understand, for Americans things will get better, yes but for the rest of the world... settle down!!! governments never have much power these days. Especially with a senate that gets lots of hand outs.



I'd love to see this man achieve something great in his term, I hope it happens, im even expecting it too, but logic tells me hes happy give or take with things as they are.

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i think it is better that obama was chosen as american president because it is related with my country also (which he used to live here in 4 years) and i think he could help us in our economies and stop for wars......

did anybody agreed that? :D

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Hello Grids!

Yes, so that makes him directly connected to Indonesia, and therefore we can expect the best.;)!

He's got a huge mess to try and unsnarl, and his advisers will be critical in providing guidance, and opening up some sane dialog with all the globe's nations & citizens. I really feel he is sincere, and he has a sort of idealism which one rarely sees in the leadership of any nation, so if the money hounds can be held at bay, and if he can correct some of the mistakes we here in the US have made, things could be looking up. Recalling the past 3 presidents we've had, it seems none of them held the same firm stance on principals that he holds, and he has articulated those core beliefs in liberty very eloquently in his speeches. Since he was educated at Harvard as a Constitutional Law expert and has taught Constitutional Law, I have quite a bit of respect for him, and the possibility that he could bring us back to the principals that bind us to the higher ideals underlying this American democracy. He seems reluctant to return the power of the office of the President back to it's original, even though the expanded powers are clearly not intended in the U.S. Constitution, but Barack did state that he wanted to issue very few signing statements, which is a start in the right direction.

On the global economic situation, it's clear that intelligent oversight from more honest government is necessary to stem the excessively risky and often shady market behaviors that led to the global financial crisis, and he does have a clear mandate to do just that; plus no incumbent wants to see the economy falter further, as they would be cutting their careers short by doing so. For that reason I believe our congress, as well as the financial backers have an interest in fixing the problems that led to this latest crash/panic, even though many of them are major political donors to his campaigns. He did make it clear in his acceptance speech that he was principally beholden to the numerous smaller contributions from ordinary citizens, and so he would do what was in our best interest.

I think it's going to be a good next 8 years - sunlight after the dark storm that overtook us since 2000.:)


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nd he has articulated those core beliefs in liberty very eloquently in his speeches. Since he was educated at Harvard as a Constitutional Law expert and has taught Constitutional Law,


So that's why he voted for the patriot act and FISA bill.....he understands the constitution but just hates it?


Funny how he supported all the major attacks on our freedoms that Bush did....So a Democrat can attack our freedoms and he's a patriot, Bush does it and he's the only bad guy in politics...

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Every year the Fed takes away more states right's. And if gay marriage were to be approved in multiple states, it would be a huge issue, thus the Federal gov couldn't keep its hands off it. History has proven this, a long with our government trying to gain control of every aspect of our lives. Most in the fed cringe at the thought of gay marriage, and if they had the power, why wouldn't they stop it?


Love how people are talking about change before he does anything.


We'll see if change comes if he;


-cuts military funding, size and our foreign policy and closes bases all over the world. And closes Guantanamo Bay (I promise you he won't)


-does anything to destroy the strangle hold by lobbyist on our government.(I promise on my life he won't.)


-Follows the constitution and overturns the laws he voted for that spy on Americans like FISA and Patriot Act(I'll bet my life he won't.)


-If he upholds the constitution.(He'd sooner die then do that as his vote for FISA shows.)


Google the FISA bill*

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my comments on all this thread. someone mentioned gay marraige. who cares what the president says about gay marrige the power lies within the state. shame on california by the way... ok also i really hope all of you are wrong. i really hope he makes a difference. but we will sure find out soon.


I know. I'm SO effing disappointed in my state right now. :angry:

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