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VLV Tour DVD (Sign up)

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+53   i saw a new viva la vida dvd at HMV yday...but i dont think it was offical

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So according to The Oracle, the filming in Canada was solely for the archives.


They are lying. Andy winked at me when he told me that. They are saying that as to not create rumours. I recall her saying to keep an eye on Phil's announcements for news.


Its not for the archives. They had a lot of cameras, when I was on the floor 3 people with handhelds past me numerous times. Labeling the cards once they were full.


Roadie 42 said there was added stress because of the cameras. why be stressed for the archives, you'll watch it what? 3 times in your life.


I know Live 2009 will be released.


Anyway to get an official petition going and sending it straight to the bakery?

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