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VLV Tour DVD (Sign up)

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+53   i saw a new viva la vida dvd at HMV yday...but i dont think it was offical

Guest howyousawtheworld

I would qeue overnight just to get a Viva La Vida DVD. Viva La Vida Live on DVD would be the best DVD I would ever buy so far.

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I asked the oracle the question that (i guess she) said that it was for the archive.

I was very happy when i saw it! like this ---> :D





They had signs on the doors saying they were filming. Like in Chicago, they did not have a crane camera. They did have cameras all over the venue though, from my original seats I counted 12 plus they had a lot of hand held ones.


I remember U2 filmed their gigs in Vancouver as well for the Vertigo Tour, but they were a dry run for the Chicago shows a week later. This time Vancouver will get the DVD.

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I missed Twisted Logic, so I would have loved a DVD, but since I made it to a Viva la Vida show, having a DVD would preserve the memories like nothing else.


Please guys! *begs*


Technically, for twisted logic, they had the Toronto video, which was a full, complete concert with the full twisted logic set list, which was meant for DVD, they just never released it, and put it on TV, and now its all over the internet.


but yeah. Viva La Vida is one of those tours that needs a DVD. World Stage doesn't cut it. I missed out on VLV because of some stupid shit, so I want the full show.

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I hope it's big like Wembly.


Before, I was against the idea cause it's not representative of the majority on the tour and might not have the intimate feeling they're going for.


But then I watch their Glastonbury performances, and I would love that.


Plus, with a longer setlist there's a higher chance of older songs being played.

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