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03-Aug-09: Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews, Setlists, Photos/Vid


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thats cool you guys will have fun. not only do i hate outdoor shows (especially if not under the roof and it rains) but for me it's a matter of going to a boston show on the train, and not going to mansfield becaue my car will never make it there and back

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i'll definately be there! i really like the comcast center but i've never been able to get really good tickets there so i'm kind of nervous...


Same here BostonSports. Last time I ended up going though stubhub.


I'm hoping anything under cover, I'm not fond of the lawn seats.

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Anyone have any info on the pre-sale on TicketRush? As of now, there is no mention of it on LiveNation (a change from last night which said the pre-sale was today at 10am EST) and on TicketRush, it just says, "more info coming later."


Anyone anyone?

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So are we going to be able to click on the box that says presale and buy through there? If you just go to http://www.livenation.com all the dates come up and it says presale. So I clicked on presale and it gives prices but it says available on 2/14. Where do I go to get the tickets for the presale? I'm freaking out a little as 10 gets closer and closer...

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