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Talk in Haiku, rule - of verse is five seven five - syllables in three.


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i'm not sure i can

do this 'cause i am hopeless

haiku is my friend


All silly lovers

should eat jellies and pop corn

and play ninja games


Kids, watch hollyoaks

it is rubbish, man

i'm in love with you

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New topic, I have create

I wonder what discussion

it will generate?


Respond in Haiku

Or else moderator will

slap you stupid, bitch


Haiku is three verse

with syllables five-seven

-five; you try it, fun!


Haiku consist of

motifs with seasonal themes

therefore you fail



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"I wish I was you?"

No, you do not, (trust me here)

my life is crappy. :P


this thread is quite fun

and since we are working on

poetry in English,


this is good practice

though slightly difficult, sure,

this is not so hard! :D

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