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Help regarding coldplay's guitars


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Jonny uses a number of different Fender Telecaster Thinlines including:


Vintage Fender Thinline telecaster® 74´- Used in Yellow and Clocks live, Jonny has two of these guitars, one is more worn.




Vintage Fender Thinline telecaster® 77´ - Used on X&Y and Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, this one has the viva logo painted on it.




Vintage Fender Thinline telecaster® 74´ - Walnut Brown - Used for slide work and also in Death And All His Friends live



Vintage Fender Thinline telecaster® 72´- Natural Finish - Used in 42 & Low and other song which are played in alternative tuning e.g. Drop D.




Vintage Fender Jaguar® 65´- Used mainly on the Parachutes tour for Shiver and Yellow - made an appearence at MTV Storytellers in 2005 during the song The Scientist. Also seen on Live 2003 in Shiver. Jonny also has a Red Fender Jaguar seen in the Lovers in Japan & Life In Technicolor and Amazon.com videos.




Vintage Fender Jazzmaster® 62´- One of Jon's older guitar, used on tracks: "We never change" and "Sparks".




He's also got a Pink one, he started using this tour, seen here:




Vintage Gibson ES335® - Used while recording A Rush Of Blood To The Head. Made appearences at Glastonbury 2005 in Don't Panic & In My Place Music Video




Fender telecaster Jerry Donahue® - Used on Parachutes tour as main guitar. Jonny had two of these, one was a borrowed one. Also used in God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Live 2003.




Gibson Les Paul Custom - Used in Violet Hill




information sourced at: www.whataboutjonbuckland.tk

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Actually I am pretty sure Jonny uses a Gibson. the guitar Jonny was using to play the Scientist during the X & Y tour and the Viva tour are the same, and I am pretty sure he is using a Gibson as a acoustic. (Chris also used a Gibson during the acoustic set of X&Y tour)



Jon likely uses Martins too. He doesnt usually use them to much though.
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Out of envy? Or do you just not care for jazz? :rolleyes:


No, I love Jazz. I'm just jealous that he has a vintage Jazzmaster. I played one of those remakes at a Sam Ash two years ago and I loved it. I'm sure the actual Jazzmaster is ten times more amazing! When I go big, I'm going to buy one ;)

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Specifically, Jon uses 2 Reissue Gibson J-200 acoustics. (A sunburst one, and a natural finished one presumably used as a backup.)


He's also currently using a Gibson Blues King (the same kind Chris is playing this tour, and Jon's is painted as well.)


There have also been photos of him recently with a Martin dreadnaught (presumably a d-28) which he seems to use as a warm up guitar

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Look what the Oracle said today:


February 18, 2013 - submitted by Jericho, United States of America


Q. Hello

Do you know what the model is for Chris Martin's Martin guitar?




The Oracle replies:


No, but luckily I know a man who does. Thanks to the knowledgeable Hoppy (Chris' guitar tech for those who don't know) for this very comprehensive answer.

"On the MX tour he was playing Martin D-15 M's (FYI: D= dreadnought body shape/ number = style, the higher the number the more fancy appointments, binding, inlays etc/ M= mahogany). He used six or seven in a show, set up for different songs/tunings and all painted different)."


He also went on to tell me:

"His favorite is a 1985 (I think) made D-28 which doesn't tour. I believe he originally rented this from John Henry's Hire dept. a long time ago and subsequently bought it from them.


Amongst the others, he has a vintage pre-war D-28. Also D-42, or 45 K (K=Koa wood) from the 70's (I think!)

Also he may have a OO-15CE (OO= body size, small/ C= cutaway/ E=electric) somewhere. He used these on the Rush of Blood tour.


He has recently been recording with 2 new HD-28's (H= herringbone, which is a style of binding they previously used on pre-war made D-28's) that have been modified, and a couple of specially made 12 string versions of D-15 M's."


He knows his stuff does our Hoppy! Wow, I hope you guitar fans out there found that as fascinating as I did.

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