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Chris Misses out on MJ


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Michael Jackson Comeback bigger than Lazarus


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has described Michael Jackson's forthcoming shows at London's O2 Arena as “the biggest comeback since Lazarus”.


Martin also told The Mirror newspaper that like thousands of Jackson's fans he was unable to buy tickets before they sold out.


"I was looking at it on the internet and thought, 'I'd better buy some for myself' and I couldn't. They were totally sold out,” he said.


"To sell out like that is a testament to talent. It is just amazing to sell out 50 shows in one city in a big arena.


"It's the biggest comeback since Lazarus. It's good news - but not for me."

Jackson is scheduled to play 50-nights at London's O2 Arena. All of the gigs, which run into 2010, have already sold out.

Jackson, now 50, has not performed a full concert since he was cleared of child molestation charges in 2005.

His last full tour, entitled HIStory, took place in 1996 and '97.

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Hes Chris Martin for goodness sake, if he wanted an audience with the Queen he'd only have to mention it to someone and he'd get it just because hes him. He'll get those tickets even if they have to print new ones up for him.


thats true, and even if i love him, this is not fair ;/

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Not that money is a concern for Mister Martin, but I'd say he's saved himself a couple of hundred pounds by not going anyway.


What a waste of money.


If he completes all 50 dates I'll eat my hat.


I reckon his face will fall off well before that.............................. :rolleyes:

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I don't care for him now. I like some of his older hits, but wouldn't pay to see that man. I believe he's broke??? WARNING TO CHRIS... He's very scarey, and your much younger and considered a child to him:wink3::wink3: JOking for all you MJ lovers:kiss:

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He does mime, but people say he makes up for it, with the DANCING. :thinking:


Well he doesn't.

At the end of the day, he's meant to be a singer first and foremost.

If you want to see dancing, go and watch High School Musical or something.:dozey:

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Nah, MJ was so great. He is a brilliant artist in the whole of history. He is amazing. We should'nt be saying these things about him. Its a chance to see younger fans have their chance to see them live, so it dont really matter if hes not as good, but he, who knows, maybe he'll pull it off.

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^ agreed.


This will likely be the last chance to see him live, I dont think he's got it in him to tour around the world or anything like that. If I had the money, Id definitely be trying to get my hands on a ticket just so i can see him live once. He's definitely a legend and has had a big impact on pop music, so it's sort of a neat opportunity to see him live. Hopefully Chris gets to go, I'm sure he'll manage to get tickets and don't think he was honestly worried about that, just shocked just like everyone else that he managed to sell out that many dates. Lots of people doubted even that he'd be able to sell tickets these days.


I also hear from almost everyone who's seen him in person that he looks a lot better in person than in photos, but anyway, dont think we need to be making any MJ face jokes here as theres enough of that on the internet as is.

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MJ was a good artist, yes, but I don't see why people have to be making fun of the fact he has plastic surgery all the time, that's a self-image disorder. An actual disorder. He seems to want to be always changing his appearance as well, I don't find that a laughing matter personally.


Also, hearing this, Chris'll be offered tickets anyway.

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