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"Strawberry Swing" video - RELEASED! (20th July 2009)


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Check out this Coldplay.com interview with Chris, in which he talks about an upcoming video for "Strawberry Swing"!


You're currently a few dates into a new leg of the tour, after having a little break.

Yeah, we've just done the video for Strawberry Swing, which is going to be pretty good, I think.


Is that officially a single, then?

Well, it's officially going to be a really great video. I don't know whether it counts as a single or not.


Can you tell us anything about the video?

It is a new concept in video making, which will either be a woeful disaster or a triumphant Bafta winner. I guess you'll be seeing it at some point in the summer, as it's a summery song.


Arguably the best song on the album.

That's what I think! And we should also say that if you like that song you should listen to The Rock by Delakota. That song had this amazing backwards guitar loop going all the way through. And although Strawberry Swing doesn't have that, the Delakota song was definitely inspirational.


Careful, or you'll have another law suit on your hands.



I can't wait!:D

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Gaaaaah I'm so happy ! I can't wait for that video :dance:


But that's weird, I thought they already did enough vids for VLV :thinking:

Anyway I don't mind, it's never enough for me :P

I hope we'll see them in it !



They might have something different in mid, Chris said it was a different concept altogether. And I dont care cause SS is Awesome, I dont really want a video from PM.

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Wondering if Simon Pegg maybe made the video as he recently said he would love making a music video with Coldplay. :thinking:

My first thought too.


Fantastic and unexpected news, though I am hoping it's not a single. Not only do I think that an awesome song like this should remain less in the mainstream, but let's face it - Strawberry Swing would totally bomb as a single. Let's keep it the amazing song that it is.

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Do you think it will be another video for the Coldplay puppets? :D



Secretly I hope not, those puppets scare me...


Me too, I long to see the boys in fantastic music video. Although the puppets did not scare me, I think seeing the real ones would be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better :laugh3:

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