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Yeah, the new EP is pretty good. All the songs are great. Although I don't know if they would have really fit on the other albums.


I personally couldn't get into Microcastle for about the first 5-10 listens, and then suddenly it clicked one day. I think it was because I was playing too much Grand Theft Auto while listening to it.

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They're really prolific. 3 albums (inc Weird Era cont), 2 EPs and a solo album in what, 2 years? And there's some really top quality stuff on all of it.


I would recommend for beginners (2 songs from each release since Turn It Up Faggot)



Strange Lights (great video)

Dr. Glass

Like New

Never Stops

Nothing Ever Happened

VHS Dream

Focus Group

Disappearing Ink

Famous Last Words

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YES :wacky: I know it's only been out a few days, but I seriously love it and it's already in my top 10 fav. albums this year.


Darcy showed me a song called "Coronado" by them and and and and it's awesome :charming:


I have their Microcastles CD :charming:


Hey! I thought that was your last name and I thought of that too when I heard it :lol:


James Dean Bradfield from the Manics has said Deerhunters latest album is his album of the year so far so will be off to HMV to get a copy at some point! :D


Omg! James has excellent music taste, I'm happy he likes it :D

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