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What song made you a Coldplay fan?


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I was scavanging through my dad's albums way back in 2001... I had to be, god, 7 or so. I discovered a strange looking CD with a funny picture of a spinning orange globe. Intrigued, I pushed the plain black disk eagerly, with sticky child fingers, into the cd player... and the rest, as they say, is history.


The upbeat tune of Don't Panic was what piqued my interest. Hearing that voice joyfully sing 'we live in a beautiful world!' when you're a curious and musically thirsty seven year old does wonders to you. I've been a fan ever since! ^^

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Hmm. Let's seeeeee.


I had always known of Coldplay... and of course I had heard The Scientist, and Clocks, and Yellow but never really listened to them on a regular basis... When X&Y came out in 2005 I don't know what spurred me to rush out and buy it- but I did.


We've been in love ever since. But it wasn't until last Novemeber 14th that I became obsessed. That was my first concert and I love them! :) :D




ohoh. Sonnnnnnnng. ;)

Prolly Fix You.

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Fix You. Fix You. Fix You.


My friend had been talking about them for a while but I sort of rolled my eyes at her.


Little did I know what was to come.


I was watching SNL and they happened to be performing that night. I watched them perform Fix You, fell in love, and I literally bought all three albums in that week and listened to them religiously for the whole summer.



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