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Coldplay - Viva La Vida (CD+DVD)- OFFICIAL RELEASE!!!


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Hey Guys, According to my Swiss CD-Shop, Amazon and another Us-online shop, on the 25th of August, an Asian Release of Viva La Vida is going to be released with a bonus DVD :shocked2:. here are the Informations + Links:


EAN: 5099968776923

Format: Import


Manufacturer: 101 DISTRIBUTION

Number Of Discs: 2

Publisher: 101 DISTRIBUTION

Release Date: August 28, 2009





Disc 1:

  1. Life In Technicolor
  2. Cemeteries Of London
  3. Lost!
  4. 42
  5. Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love
  6. Yes
  7. Viva La Vida
  8. Violet Hill
  9. Strawberry Swing (next single)
  10. Death And All His Friends

Disc 2:

  1. Violet Hill
  2. Viva La Vida
  3. Lost!
  4. Lovers In Japan
  5. Life In Technicolor ii
  6. Strawberry Swing


Editorial Review:


Product Description:

This import-only limited CD/DVD (NTSC/Region 0) repack includes six music videos to the singles off the album, including the final single 'Strawberry Swing'. Other videos include; Violet Hill, Viva La Vida, Lost!, Lovers In Japan and Life In Technicolor ii. The album features the same 10 tracks as the US edition.


Features inverted artwork of the original sleeve.


Album Description:

Limited Asian two disc (CD + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) Tour Edition includes a bonus DVD that contains six music videos to the singles off the album: 'Strawberry Swing', 'Violet Hill', 'Viva La Vida', 'Lost!', 'Lovers In Japan' and 'Life In Technicolor II'. The 2008 album comprises 10 brand new tracks, recorded in London, Barcelona and New York with producers Brian Eno and Markus Dravs. Viva La Vida followed the hugely successful album X&Y, which has sold 10 million copies since its release in 2005. EMI.







[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Viva-Vida-2009-Incl-Bonus/dp/B002JG67L4/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1249654094&sr=8-16]Amazon.com: Viva La Vida (2009 Tour Edition) (Incl. Bonus DVD): Coldplay: Music[/ame]


[ame=http://www.amazon.fr/Viva-Vida-Bonus-Dvd-Coldplay/dp/B002JG67L4]Viva La Vida: Coldplay: Amazon.fr: Musique[/ame]



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So it's basically same old viva+the 6 promo videos?? :thinking:

Mmmm.... I'd be excited if it was an actual dvd :dozey:


Disc Two is a DVD according to the description...


I'm excited about this!! At least this way I'll have all the X&Y (from the Latin CD+DVD release) and VLVODAAHF videos. Now they just need to come out with a video collection. :dance:


I actually have most of them on Singstar (14 so far) lol, but it's not the same since some are edited!

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hmmm...i seem to recall seeing a Viva La Vida CD+DVD+poster set on sale already in a shop in Singapore. 'cept it's not really an "Asian release" as much as a "for China market" release, imo.


tho my memory could be playing tricks on me...it was a whiles ago when i saw it.

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