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LOLdplay: I Can Haz Cake?

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Is there a video of this pic??? Please share link of anyone does kindly requesting

you guys! Jonny actually loves cake!   (for the newer members, "Jonny loves cake" was originally a joke made somewhere in the first few pages of this thread over 10 years ago, but after

Chris: *listening to HP* man this guitar line is really giving me a headache, let me turn it down for a sec....

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Jonny: "Does anybody have a clue why the bloody vase covers half of Guy's handsomeness?"

Will: "It should hide me instead of Guy... Chris a little bit more to your right and I can escape the stupid camera"

Chris: "Why do I always have to stay in front of you guys?!"

Guy: "That bloody vase can't compete with my handsomeness ..."

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Chris: "Fuck yeah, finally I can be badass!"

Jonny: "Will's finger looks weird..."

Will: "Well I'll just pose like that... yeah... I hope Guy likes it LOL"

Guy: "Kekekekekekeke!!"

Bloke with orange shirt: "Aaaand.... SHAZAM!"

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