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Radiohead is better than coldplay


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There there..I'm not mad at you :nice:

Just a little 'reinforcement' to make you behave next time, that's it...









There you go...:hug:


this thread is meant to be pointless and not serious. dont turn it into some kinky fetish thread.

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They are very, very different bands, really.


I mean they sound similar- both through direct influence and indirect influences, but outside of surface aesthetics they fill very different roles and they aren't even trying to do the same thing at all.


I think the real measure should be are they doing their thing to the best of their abilities. To which I would answer yes.


Now are those roles created equally. Probably not. What does that mean? :sneaky: I leave that to the reader.

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Muse are better than Radiohead. They appeal to more people, they write better songs, and Matt Bellamy isn't a pretentious ****! Plus they grab music by the balls are flamboyant rather than being self pitying and sleep inducing.

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