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Space Cadet

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Is anyone excited? It's getting glowing reviews- currently 90% on rotten tomatoes, in spite of all the hype over it for the last couple of years.


Apparently they worked with WETA to even get rid of the last of the uncanny valley that's been plaguing CG humanoids this decade, and the alien world is more fully realized than most anything before.


I wasn't sure about it when I started hearing about it, but it seems like most of my reservations have been taken care of. Now I'm hoping the plot is strong enough to carry the burden of both the hype and the concept.



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1_JBMrrYw8]YouTube- Avatar Movie Trailer [HD][/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyDQoXEBkGw]YouTube- AVATAR - Official International Launch Trailer (HD)[/ame]

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Ok seriously, I posted the trailers for visual aids only. They are bad. Don't judge by them.


Plus I hate that CG crap.
What about Gollum?


This is the same people with an updated version of the same technology. It's more like an actor with a cg suit on than one of those souless Zemeckis dolls.

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I don't get it honestly.
What exactly don't you get? (I mean that curiously, not aggressively.) To survive on a toxic alien planet, future humans grow alien bodies for themselves so they can interact with the local population. The main character goes to sleep as a human and wakes up as an alien. And then goes native, Dances with Wolves style.


The way I see it and based on what I've heard, it's a story about an alien world- a moon in Alpha Centauri's solar system. It has microgravity and a consistent environment formed around that. Everything I've seen has actually been designed based on function, making it seem (if impossible) very, very real and plausible. Based on the environment, an 11-foot elongated sentient blue species sort of makes sense.


And then it became the most expensive movie ever made so it could look real too. In 3d.


No one has ever done that before: put an immerseive, consistant, and consistently alien world up on screen with an appropriately big budget.


Like a lot of the critics have been saying, until someone invents holo-technology or perfects space travel, it just might be the closest we'll get anytime soon to seeing a convincing alien world for ourselves. For people like me who have dreams of that, it's exciting. :dance: :dance: :dance:

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I can immerse myself in a world without technology at all. :p In fact I do frequently. Heck, I should be the one who wrote the movie- elements of it are so close to dreams I've had and he based it on one of his dreams...


But I do think it's interesting that the first really good 3D I ever saw was one of the undersea documentaries at IMAX about 15 years ago, right after our IMAX theatre opened. I was enthralled. It was like actually being there underwater. Cameron has been spending all this time doing deep sea diving and filming documentaries. What he saw underwater had a huge influence on the world in the movie, and it's been shot in imax 3D. It's like it's come full-circle.

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I wondered why so many people thought it looks horrible, despite the fact it hadn't been released.


And then today I saw the trailers on sky movies. And yes, it looks horrible.


The action scenes are the worst, and really fail to capture any real excitement or danger, the movement is typical CGI and floaty.

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