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I just decided to give up Coldplay for lent...


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so my original plan was to give up facebook for forty days.

I was just talking to my brother about it and he recommended I give up Coldplay.

At first I said no way. Never.

But he's right.

I think it will be good for me.

I love coldplay so much, but maybe it's time to realize that they aren't what is most important.

So I decided, I am giving up both facebook and Coldplay for forty days.

It's gonna be hard as hell, but I'm determined to prove to everyone and to myself that I can do it.


I am looking forward to day 41 when I can blast Fix You or something.

I'll probably start crying.


Wish me luck!



It's time for me to focus on God and let go of the other things I've put before him.

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I decided the same a while ago .. without CP I afforded just 2 days and a half :D ... I have Shiver and Square One as my ringtone on mobile phone , and during that period I tried not to answer the call everytime it was ringing :D


Goodluck!, I'm pretty sure that will be beneficial for you ;) :)

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