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I never saw this thread before!

Just one more week!:dance:


Brooke and I are going to make little birthday signs and haul them around with us all day. They will consist of a silly little poem that Brooke wrote. Anyone else want in?:P

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ONE WEEK! :dance:


I want to buy a cake pan in the shape of a 3, and bake 2 of them. And put them together to make 33! And then draw Viva type designs all over it! :awesome:


OOH OOOH or maybe I'll go to a grocery store where you give them a photo and they make it appear on the cake...and get a huge Chrissy face on it! :dead:

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No one I know wants to celebrate with me. :cry:


I didn't need them anyway. I'll have my own party.


Does anyone know if you can buy a life-sized doll of Chris? :wideeyed:



And no, I did not mean a sex doll. :rolleyes:



Though that would be nice too. :sneaky::wink3:




No, sorry. :disappointed: If you find it somewhere, spread the word! :P



Oh, sure, you didn't :rolleyes:



Hells to the yeah, it would! :wink3::sneaky:


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