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Viva la Vida tour DVD - live in Barcelona trailer


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Wonder when this vid has been posted on their website... :thinking: It's strange they put that up before Coldplay make an official statement on their website...


well, that trailer might end up like that Cemeteries of London video info on Asa Mader's (is the name right? :laugh3:) website--removed, if coldplay management finds out about it.

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Here's some footage from X&Y tour as well :nice:


See, this was when they put on good shows. Chris actually sang, and even though he ran into the crowd, he still actually sang. In the Viva clip his voice sounds awful and at the end while he's lying down he sounds like he's dying. Wish he's stop being such a douche and just sing. The fans are there to dance like crazy idiots, the band is supposed to play music and sound at least decent.

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Oracle did say he and R#42 would be looking through various lenses from the Latin America shows, and so far we've only gotten the usual pictures in blog updates and an unexpected song performance. I'm 99% sure there's gonna be at least a live release like the 2006 Toronto show

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