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life in technicolor video


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hey all,


I am new to this forum but have visited this site many times.


I am a college student and for a school project me and a friend are putting together a short film/musical film using Life in Technicolor by coldplay.


when we heard this song originally it reminded us of winter/christmas and we are trying to get that theme across in our video entitled Winter In Technicolor.

While we are not done with the full film we have to submit a preview of it and our class is rating the previews .


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvTcco4sd2M]YouTube- Winter in technicolor[/ame]



I was just wondering if anyone had any input or comments about our preview so far







thanks.coldplay is the best

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thank you so much everyone for the comments and feedback, we really appreciate it


much of the video was shot in minnesota and parts of canada when I visited there.

the longer video deals with coming home during winter...during my senior year at highschool viva la vida came out and we listened to that all summer I remember. so LIT seemed like a good song to have a theme of coming back home and enjoying the passing moments, whether in a car or sledding - a snapshot of growing up. We may wait to shoot some images of spring and summer here as well and include them in the larger video.


i will update again when the full film comes out!



once again thank you :cool:

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