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The Damon Albarn thread.

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^ is that from that one tumblr blog? i think i had that shit blocked lol ooops


anyway this is a rough recording of the new blur song called The Puritan that damon performed last night at the poetry olympics ( i cant believe this is the only recording of it, come on fans get with it!!)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zpRDUCF60Y&feature=player_embedded]Damon Albarn POEM 2012 - Blur New Song - YouTube[/ame]

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La la la la :nice:



I think this shows us they're not near the end of their career. :wacky:


I think what's different about bands like Blur, The Jam and Stone Roses is that they didn't have much of a go first time round. You feel like they were stopped in their prime.


It's when people talk about an Oasis comeback, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, that it really gets irritating. Those bands had their golden eras before squandering it, but you get the feeling that people are only just starting to appreciate Blur for the innovative songwriters they've always been.


It's just my opinion but a new Blur album is just what we need. It'd give a renewed energy to British indie, it'd make rock music exciting again, and it'd give the band the much need lift from everyone else's shadows. Whatever they do, it'll be their record. Their free from the battle of britpop, from expectations.


I mean what else is there in British indie? Django Django? Viva Brother? Please.

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Can't say I do. He's a private man, I can't think anyone would know.


I did a work experience at Q Magazine recently, and got the train in from the west. I saw the Westway everyday, and I think I've even seen the rooftop from the recent Twitter performances :P


Damon was unhappy with Q too - they recently did a feature and "made his shoes too shiny" in the photos :P

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Me and Nina were just discussing how awesome this thread was back in the day all fangirly and awesome. So yeah we will be fangirling in here again.


Lets get some hawt pics up in here!!










ooo and hot damn this was a private pic but someone leaked it on tumblr so its out there now, check out dem golden pubes O__O



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Damen was like smoking a joint and I was like ''hey man that's cool'' so we went out drinking and stuff. and then he was like ''shall we go for a drive'' and i was like cool yeah. And he showed me all these new songs and it was crazy

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