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bye bye


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so i thought about this & i think is time for me to leave this forum

i don't have any more time to be around & quite frankly i wonder if it's even worth posting anymore.


i've tried leaving & coming back once in a while.. hoping i would feel comfortable enough to stick around again but it never happened.

after all those fights the forum became kind of strange to me & to be honest there is people around that i really don't care to see..



i'd like to say thanks to all the friends i made :heart:

it was quite fun :nice: all my super kwel bigfooters like lina, carla, rudy, min, anita, ricardo, pris, bryce etc.. :hug:

thank you for always being there in the good & the bad.. i loved every minute of it. i'll never forget those days


of course i can't forget all the new friends either..

sofi, cresty, julia, imke, dee, kels, ivet, jo, ari, ellen, laura, nick, william, lounge games nick :P etc etc etccc.. i love you all :nice:

thankyouthankyouthankyou & i wish you all the best :hug:


& ian, thanks to this place i met someone special that i love dearly

i can't thank you enough for making this forum.. lots of great thing came from this.




i think that is all..


see ya. ♥

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Did grammar rules never teach you that sentences begin with capital letters?



Let's say that one more time:


Sentences begin with capital letters.



Let's present that one more time:


Variances add.




If you're going to farewell a forum community, at least do it with proper orthography.

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naw bye izzo :disappointed: No more iz pics in the "post pix of whatever you want"-thread :bigcry:


Have a nice life with your man and Elvis :awesome: I just love that name haha oh well it was nice meeting you here on cping and I have you on msn and myspace if I miss you too much :uhoh: :wacko:


bababye :kiss:

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