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NEW POLL ADDED 6TH OCTOBER! Countdown to LP5: The Roadie #42 blog sweepstakes (EIGHTH blog voting cl


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20100603roadie6.jpg + 20100603roadie4.jpg = LP5


Following on from Cobalt's excellent Prospekt entry sweepstakes back in March 2008 onwards, the time has come to begin the new phase - Roadie #42 LP5 blog sweepstakes - which will lead all the way up to the release of said (as yet untitled) album. :dance:


Look out for some mega polls coming your way over the next few months - all you have to do is decide when the next blog will be published, and enjoy the countdown. Roadie #42 if you're reading this, only you have the power to decide who WINS the sweepstakes!


Previous LP5 blogs (latest first):


Thursday, September 28, 2010

(#42 goes for smiles and smiles // progress description, smiles, scans and backups) // discussion)

(poll winner: Elena35)

(post winner: zzz)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

(#42 and the back are back // progress description, band play live together again) // discussion)

(poll winner: Juanma8)

(post winner: AnnaElizabeth)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

(#42 watches as Coldplay create // progress description, The Greenery (a botanical Beehive) // discussion)

(post winner: coldplayisawesome)


Thursday, June 03, 2010

(#42 returns with more news from the studio... // progress description, screwdriver work, happy accidents // discussion)

(post winner: SueDeNimes)


Friday, April 16, 2010

(#42 has been peeping at potential song titles... // progress description, blurry song titles // discussion)

(post winner: AnnaElizabeth)


Thursday, April 02, 2010

(Chris has got a little project for #42 // progress description, solar system // discussion)

(post winner: busybeeburns)


Each new LP5 blog will come with a post winner - the first person to start discussion on the blog in the coldplay.com updates thread. The winner of the mega poll for that entry will also be updated into this post! Bit of fun, will no doubt alleviate the boredom of waiting for new Coldplay! :whistle:


Betting forecast:


  • Three of the previous four LP5 blogs have arrived on a Thursday, the other one appearing on a Friday.
  • Two blogs have appeared very early on in the month (2nd and 3rd) with the others appearing in the middle and the end of the month (16th and 24th).
  • Two blogs have appeared in April and June. No blogs at all occured in May, and so far none in July either. This means that the pattern dictates that there will be two in August, although the Oracle informed us that frequent blogs were not expected during the 'quiet' August.
  • The maximum time between blogs was 48 days, between blogs 2 and 3. The shortest was 14 days, between blogs 1 and 2.
  • Previous Prospekt entries came about once a month. If there's an entry missing from a previous month, usually the next month had two Prospekt entries, one earlier in the month and another later. Prospekt entries were around the 20th-30th a whopping seven times out of nine. They were also posted five times out of nine on a Friday, and the other four times they've either been on a Wednesday or a Thursday.


Note: You must be logged into the forums at the time of registering your vote - anonymous votes do not count towards your identity!

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Err...does this poll have a deadline? Because if not, people could potentially cheat by voting the day the blog is posted.
I'll give it a few days then take a screenshit (sic), then probably close it after a week before Roadie takes the decision for us!
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