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lol. I am a mod and yeah, I don't change usernames when they come up with what I don't find a good reason. Briggins is just a lastname, there's enough peeps called Briggins. I don't see the problem, you post on a public forum anyway. I still think it's lame :)


But I guess mods are way more relax here than in other forums I visit, actually the most relax I've ever seen, looking at how they keep up with major spamming by real people and huge signatures :D


I used to hate this place because it's such a mess, hahaha! I guess that despite the mess I secretly slowly started to love it anyhow. I post more and more, mwe! Bah.


Lol, but you're not a Coldplaying mod.


Actually Briggins isn't a common last name at all, just google Briggins and most of what comes up is me.

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