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Hardest/Easiest/Most Fun Songs to Sing?


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Didn't really find anything about this on search...don't kill me if I missed it..and don't kill me if you don't like prefaces like these. :p


Anyhow....this ought to be a place to discuss what songs you think are good to start out on, what you have trouble on + exchange singing tips, and just talk about what you sing along to or play yourself.


I'll start...


Hard - Fix You: the falsetto in the end is tough because I can hit the notes but I can't sing them with any decent volume or feeling...though I do wonder if it would sound beefier just by gathering my 3 favourite friends to sing along/harmonize.


Easy - Green Eyes; especially because I play the live version that's been tuned down 1 step from the album version.


Fun - Square One. ^__^

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Being a guy, I'm more of a low tenor. I can hit high notes and stuff, but only to a certain volume. My best loud high note is an F sharp.


Anyways, I find that The Hardest Part LRLRL version is far harder to sing than the original studio version - it starts quite low, then gets progressively higher and higher. Shiver is tricky to sing for me in some spots, especially the chorus. Viva and Clocks are pretty easy. Fix You is a bitch, especially the 'Tears stream down your face' bit. The beginning of Christmas Lights is a bit of a strain (like I said, I'm tenor, and I sing tenor in choirs and stuff, so a low bass like Chris does is tricky), but the rest of it is pretty easy for me. The Scientist is pretty easy too.

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For me , songs with lower register are the easiest . The begining of CL or yes , or viva or songs like that.


Difficult : Songs with falsetto :angry: . Fix you its incredibly hard to sing. And i dont even try it anymore cause , its just so impossible :( . Shiver the chorus its incredibly hard too.

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