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New Album will be a concept album according to this BBC interview.


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So I've been thinking about this whole 'Concept' album thing, and I think I've had a cracking idea!

Look at them as a band, visually; what are they wearing now as opposed to the VLV revolution attire?

I was reading the Guardian's review of the Liverpool Crisis gig and it just clicked when I read what he wrote:

'They look like they'd just came bumbling on stage from crashing a wedding'


then I thought.... 'Wedding Bells' - considered the lyrics and it just seems INCREDIBLY feasible that the concept album is about this guy who loses the love of his life and goes on a journey to win her back and has to stop her marrying somebody else.


It's just a thought, but it goes with their new stage attire and wedding bells.

any thoughts?


This reminds me of the Lukas lyrics.

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have you had a bump on the head?


Yep, like newton an apple hit me.

but I looked down and it was Chris' daughter... what she was doing in a tree I have NO idea...:thinking:


<3 <3 <3 I'm somewhat starting to love this forum.


And in defense of my Don Quixote idea...it certainly wouldn't be *that* literal of an interpretation. I realize now my post was kind of jumbled but I was trying to get across that it'd be a metaphor for that sort of story.


And.......according to the other thread, Wedding Bells will NOT be on the album. So this "wedding crashers" idea loses a little steam as did mine when the other posters pointed out Spanish Rain won't be on LP5 either. :embarrassed:

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the idea of a concept album about a wedding sounds sort of meh...about a couple could be realyl cool though. regardless of the fact that we know wedding bells won't be on the album, i could never see them doing a concept album that had anything to do with them wearing what you'd wear to a wedding...


i mean, the piss that would taken of them would be outrageous. wedding singer references and wedding band references would never leave.


if you commit to a concept it's got to be a fucking great one. the band did a half concept with the revolutionaries thing, which is why they didn't get made fun of for it. they didn't go all out. if they did...who knows what would have happened.


but yeah, wedding bells isnt even on the album so...

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I thought this "Concept album" was gonna be about the New York 70's grafitti artists, and revolving around that and the White Rose Movement???


I thought when they said it will be about grafitti and WRM, that they meant people doing what they think is right,and not caring what anyone else thinks

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Hmm . . . I'm not too sure about the 'intimate' nature of LP5 that we're supposed to be getting, but the White Rose Movement theme seems to be taking shape nicely. Also, none of the songs seem to be too completely different from what we've heard before--so the 'concept album' remains to be addressed also. To me, the songs sound like a mixing of the Coldplay albums: UAtW from the Parachutes era, Major Minus from A Rush Of Blood, etc.


We'll see, hopefully we get some more news soon.

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