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dahh let's talk about Hair


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Head hair :anxious:

Not pubic hair ya' sickos :sick:


Um, what does your hair look like? do you want to change your hair? color? short? long? :wacko:


Mine is all poofy and black and short :sad: I want to grow it long again, I've had it short for 3 years now. I'd also like to dye it reddish brown or light brown, and maybe a bit of curls. It's going to mess up my hair tho, I have to bleach it.


I just had this idea but I sort of thought it was girly and stupid, but here it is :disappointed:

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My hair are blonde and long and straight. And big. And I have super much hair. People love my hair but i've been rather annoyed with them recently. I really need a haircut because they are just too long. My hair styles don't look like I want them to look anymore.

Oh and I like it when they look a bit messy not too messy of course. Just cool messy Haha. My little girly sister calls me hippie because of this

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i think we had a thread for that or something (i remember talking about hair in 2008 or so) :thinking:


currently is long straight and thin brown hair (turns a bit clear in summer), i still have the plait from near the backbone and yet is a bit longer than the rest, thought i had not used/made the plait since a long while now, i keep it as some way of a promise.

never dyed it, just i made it a bit curly at times, but that's it.

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