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Major Minus: Studio v Live?

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kinda nervous posting here..

but here goes...

ok i live here in the states (thats what you guys call it right)

maybe we're not used to new releases from coldplay that often but i really liked major minus and moving to mars.

out where i live the radio is super crappy.

also i have a question for anyone who can answer...whats wrong with x-y?

thats the album that got me into coldplay

i love square one although talk does suck huge ass donkey junk..


and by the way...you're welcome for kings of leon..

Hehe, nice first post!

Welcome to Coldplaying! :nice:


To me there's nothing wrong with X&Y! :)

It was AROBTTH that got me into CP but X&Y is probably the album I listened to the most before I discovered the awesome live concert recordings that are gathered here on the site. :awesome:


Oh and thanks for KOL! :lol:

I quite like their albums (especially the older ones).

Have a look at the World of Music forum if you find the time, we're discussing LOTS of other bands in there. :)

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I really like the LITTLE voice effects in Chris' voice and I really like both versions. They sound very different, maybe the whole character of the song is shown a bit better in the live versions, because they are not as perfect as in the studio version. So, the feeling of opressing, escape and fear can be better heard.

But the verse is better in the studio version, love it so much!

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I can appreciate both for what they are. Live is rarely as done up as the studio version (with the exception of Lost! for sure), so I like listening to both. I have no problems at all with the studio version. His muffled voice gets that very out of this world and creepy point out there very well.

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I like the studio version for what it is. I was surprised by the sound of his voice like most other people here, but after a few plays I think it works pretty well. Someone in the other thread pointed out that the effect works in context of the subject matter and I agree - makes it sound like Chris is giving out a 'warning' through a megaphone or something, which I think is appropriate.


Also I actually really like the atmospheric effects they used in this version, almost sounds like screaming toward the end - gives it a pretty creepy vibe, which I guess is exactly what they were going for. I do like some elements of the live version better, but this is crisp and well produced IMO. Bass sounds awesome, guitar has a nice crunch to it. And the whole song is basically the complete opposite of ETIAW, which is interesting because I thought Coldplay had turned uber-cheesy when that song was revealed :P.


^ This. I think people are not catching the meaning of the song. It's a protest/warning song. So the voice has an effect like megaphone or something like that, as in Micro Cuts - Muse. And it has more relevance if we think that actually has something to do with Illuminati topic.


So, of course, Studio version.

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