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Sound at end of song


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Has anyone been able to decipher the words repeated by a voice at the end of the song. I think you can only really notice it with headphones. But it sounds like, "two hundred bubbles two hundred bubbles two hundred bubbles" to me :lol:



Update: could also be "tear and pebbles" "human rebels" and so on.......

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it sounds like a computer voice - it'd be cool if it was two of us.


honestly, i'm surprised at how many of the lyrics seem to actually correspond to that original two outsiders.


us against the world is used in the song and in another song. and this moving to mars is collective but is also personal.


pretty cool stuff!

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Great, now Coldplay Is plagiarizing probe droids and daytime television soap theme songs!

No! I don't think it's plagia! The song is similar but not the same, I have the song of serie in my head ...

I talk about the little song in 2:45 to 3:08


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-KsutWy3UU]YouTube - ‪Coldplay - Moving To Mars (Official)‬‏[/ame]


Maybe anyone know what's this serie? :rolleyes3:

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