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Yes... it was a terrible mistake!!


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I don't know if I'm the only one who ever greatly misjudged a Coldplay song or any song for that matter (probably not) but I just feel so bad about it. So basically, this goes back to the release of ViVoDaAHF. I remember going through the whole album a few times and listening to each song. Except Yes. Which I never even listened through once. As soon as i heard Chris's vocals, which I despised, I gave up on it immediately and never listened to it again. :|


Fast-forward to a few days ago. I was reading through the "My concerns" thread. One comment which particularly caught my attention was ColdplayfromKansas (which was really epic btw), and one specific part:


Do they think Coldplay are boring? Play them Politik or Violet Hill or for heaven's sake, get them to listen to Yes!


And I just thought "what is she talking about?" So I went to listen to the song for the first time in three years and was stunned. The vocals really aren't that bad, and the wickedly-flavored melody is nothing short of incredible!! Like seriously. I don't see how I overlooked that.


The lyrics are fantastic and venture out to places I never would've expected from them "Saying 'Lord lead me not into temptation' but it's so hard when she turns you on" which isn't necessarily a bad thing. :P It's creative "So up they picked me by the big toe" and clever (i think anyway) "night makes a fool of us in daylight" pieces of lyricism don't hurt either. (;


I'm so glad I gave this song another chance (thank you ColdplayingfromKansas btw! :) ) and I'm both very reluctant and sad to have gone 3 years without this great Coldplay song! Never fall victim to a closed mind my friends. :| It'll keep you from amazing things! I'm sorry for every doubting/shunning you, 'Yes', I really am! :( And I'm sorry if this seems pointless. It's just something I had to get off my chest.

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Wow I had the exact same thing with Yes not more than a week ago! :D :D :D


Another couple songs that I COMPLETELY misjudged were Amsterdam and Strawberry Swing, probably because my volume was too low when I first heard them. :embarrassed: But after a couple years of knowing these two songs, they're basically my favourite Coldplay songs EVER.

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Coldplay tends to do this to you, if you think of a song you hate by coldplay, think about the last time you heard it, and if it was a while ago, go and play it, you'll start liking it. it's very odd

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