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After watching many of the new Coldplay performances these summer festival, I was wondering if "Charlie Brown" (PKA Cartoon Hearts) is the new Viva La Vida, emotionally speaking...

It has moments when you must clap insaly and moments when you must jump and singalong.

Which song do you think it's the new Viva La Vida in the LP5 era?


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Viva was so successful because it had an original sound coupled with a radio-friendly structure and good lyrics easy to sing along to.


That being said, while CB is a great song and certainly a fan-favorite, I really don't think it's that radio friendly, which is what made Viva what it has become. CB's structure is weird for a pop song and takes too many risks. Viva was successful because it was very straightforward.

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I mean, if you mean what will be the biggest song from the new album, I think Charlie Brown just might.


I do think it's in need of a name change though. To reference such a culturally popular American character in your song title, just doesn't seem to be very Coldplay. I certainly understand the reference, because the song seems to be about Chris Martin being the type of kid who keeps running up to kick the football even though he always has it pulled away.


I actually love that reference, but I would have preferred it lyrically and not in the title.


That aside, I think CB may just be the big single on the album and if that's the case that'd be great. But who wouldn't love an even better song.

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^Or exactly twice? :p


footyfan, I agree about the name; Cartoon Heart would be a little more Coldplay-esque. But I think now that I know the song and its lyrics, it makes a lot of sense to have the name it does. Besides, VLVoDAAHF is a pretty cheesy title. :p


The new Viva la Vida? Probably ETIAW, POC, or something we haven't seen yet. CB is more of a Violet Hill or something.

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^Dude, you've been hating on ETIAW on every thread for a month now. We get it. You don't like it. Geez.



Hahaha....so true! :laugh3:


For me, I hope on the new record won't be a Viva la Vida in terms of structure. So I don't think we can say that CB will be another Viva because like other ones here said, its to difficult for a radio friendly song and actually it reminds me more of songs like Violett Hill then Viva.


Viva is a great radio song but I hope that the new Coldplay album won't have such radio friendly songs.


Btw, ETIAW seems to be the new Viva for me, althought the structure is also too complicated for a comparism with Viva la Vida...

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To me:


Charlie Brown - reminds me of Yellow


Hurts Like Heaven - Life In Technicolor II


Major Minus - Violet Hill


Princess of China - The most Viva-ish song so far


UAtW - Trouble


ETiaW - A cross between Lost! and Lovers In Japan


For me, the structure of Yellow and CB are to different from each other to say that they are similar in a way and HLH has a strong Arcade Fire influence which I can't see in Life in Technicolor.


Major Minus reminds me not in any way of Violett Hill. :P Really. But its hard to find any Coldplay song which goes the same direction...


PoC is a song which I didn't hear until now, so, hard to say something about it, actually its a mix between Violett Hill, Lost and Viva for me.

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