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Paradise! The next single expected to come Sept. 12!!!


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From the billboard article posted by busybeeburns:


Last week in Los Angeles, Billboard heard eight songs recorded for the project, some of which are already familiar to fans from international festival appearances including Glastonbury in the U.K. and Lollapalooza in Chicago. Among those are the relentlessly effervescent first track, "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall"; the shimmering, syncopated "Charlie Brown"; and "Major Minus," an ominous, thundering beast of a song with rattling guitars, potent (and rare) Buckland solos, and restless, shifting musical patterns. Those three songs, along with others like the bold anthem "Paradise" (the first "proper" single from the record, due Sept. 12); the broad, bass-heavy "Up in Flames"; and the textured romance of "Us Against the World" seem destined to appear on the final version of "Mylo Xyloto." Others, including the loungey build-up that is "Moving to Mars," could potentially not make the record, according to Billboard interviews with Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland and front man Chris Martin.


exciting day!! can't wait for more news and articles!

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Haha, see like I keep saying, you can't think about the album too far in advance. All of these threads saying what the next single will be, what the artwork will be, what the tracklist will be...in the end, it's all bullshit.

You can never be totally sure what's going to happen with an album.

Like I say, just sit and wait and you'll find out in no time.

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Off-topic, but:


Dear Moderators,


Is there any way you could move this to the official forum page for 'Paradise'?



Sorry no. We've been asked not to move or merge any threads whilst the server is under so much strain with the high volume of traffic todays announcement has brought.

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Can't wait to hear the new single - Paradise - I love how Coldplay kept it secret, and made it look that charlie brown may be the next one which I like as a song, but thought it would kill the anticipation and suspense for the prerelease of the album. Can't wait to hear more about the song from interviews that are sure to build up. I'm going to the Las Vegas radio concert, so it will be out by then. wow, i'm in heaven, well it's hurting like heaven. What a great day.

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:dance: I'm excited for it!


Although the song I really want to hear right now is the 'bass-heavy' Up In Flames :wink3:



I know right, Guy deserves to be the main thing in the song.



Paradise sounds cool, I get such a vibrant feel to it.


Kinda reminds me of a song the Killers would name, but I hope it don't sound like them.

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