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Secret Santa 2011. Don't forget to send your card!!


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I think assigning more than one SS per person would be rather tricky - it's already quite difficult to keep track of who's sending to who. But we do try to cover every eventuality and we always have a small group of Coldplayers who step in and send extra cards if needed.


The system we have works really well as long as everyone does the following:


* Check your PM's regularly once you have signed up

* Follow your instructions to the letter and keep in contact with the elves!

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This sounds very nice! :D

But how does this work exactly? :s How do we know who is the person whom we should send the card?


When the time comes, Santa's elves will send PMs to everyone involved and let them know who they will send a card to. It won't be for awhile though.

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Hi everyone!



we'll start to receive the messages with your details now!, we just need a PM with...


- Your name (just your first name if you want)

- your address (be sure that we won't share any of your details, the only person who will know that will be your secret santa

- your email (just to send reminders in case you don't reply to the coldplaying PMs)


please send to details to the SecretSanta account *click here to send the PM*


Please write the name of your country in the subject box so we'll try to pair you with someone from far away





- Deadline for sign up:Midnight Friday 21st October

- Pairings drawn the week after

- Notification of who you are mailing to: weekend of Saturday 6th/Sunday 7th November

(dates subject to change)


Please aim to have your card arrive in December, ask your local post office for advice on how long your card will take to arrive. Last year some cards never arrived and some did during January so please try to send the card in time. Suggested time to send the cards: before december 5th

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