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Secret Santa 2011. Don't forget to send your card!!


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rather it was early than late[/color][/b] :)



Good advice for everyone. If your card arrives early, your match can always wait to open it if they want, but please don't delay postage to try and get time it's arrival for Christmas. And remember, if at all possible, SEND YOUR CARD VIA AIRMAIL



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Just sent it out! :D!


Gold star for you :D


sammy went for a razz in the car earlier and passed a letterbox with ours. He came back with three new girlfriends and a curry


Three new girlfriends??? How many exes does he have? :P


Im stressed idont know what to write!!! im so nervous this is my first time and im scared that ill disappoint :(


Your match will be chuffed just to recieve a card from a Coldplayer so far away, don't stress :)


I have just sent my card. It will probably arrive in good time for Christmas, but rather that than being late (snow might come soon etc.)


And my favourite Secret Santa from Team Europe is nancyk58 :laugh3:


Hope the rest of my gang are getting organised - your cards need to be on their way as soon as possible, especially if they are headed to Latin America. If possible, please send it via AIRMAIL


Any problems, send me a PM



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