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I've always thought that the placement of UFO on the track listing after Major Minus adds something more to UFO. Major Minus feels like this battle with the "bad guy". It has crunchy guitars and is very atmospheric. It's a very intense song actually.


Then UFO comes in right after and sweeps you away blissfully. Its like the calm after the storm. The battle is over and now there is this sense of relief and reflection on where to go now, what might the next step be? It's a break in the journey. It's a moment to catch your breath and reflect.


This is one of my favorite songs because of the melody, lyrics, and message. To look for the good in any situation. "Bullets fly, split the sky. But thats alright, sometimes sunlight comes steaming through the holes" Its all about how you choose to see things. Its all about perspective.


I simply love this song.

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