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Guest howyousawtheworld

My goodness. It's lushly more intimate on record than it is live but that outro is just beautiful. It just binds the whole song together. A stunning success. It's definitely the first 10 I've given to Coldplay in a long time.

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Just an instant (no doubt over)reaction to what struck me as an unnecessarily over-produced version of a song that was quite simply perfect as it was.


If you don't want knee-jerk reactions don't post knee-jerk polls :P

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10. it's got to be the best song on the album- today I was listening to it on my iPod, and I turned to my friend and said "if they release this as a single, it'll win a Grammy" :P


the piano ending is brilliant, who knew that it was part of the song when we heard it live?! the guitar, Chris' vocals, even the lyrics... I'd say that it's their best song, and best-executed song, since Clocks.

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