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Princess of China and the similarity between a song of Vietnam !?


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It's interesting that Coldplay would credit/acknowledge Sigur Ros for using Takk as a sample in the song but not this chick.


So it goes to show that they didn't know about it and it's just some really weird coincidence.

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I'll just leave this here...




The notes from Princess of China are a bit different, as there are additional notes in Princess of China that are not heard in this "Life Is A Temple" song you've brought forward. POC bares a closer resemblance to the Vietnamese song. Not the Nelly song, not the chant of some pro sports team.

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Come on, the boys are not copycats. They are a world-famous band. They know everything they put out will be placed under the spotlight. If they'd wanted that part of the Vietnamese song in one of their own, they would have asked and given credit to that attention-seeking bitch.


Sometimes you just come up with a note, and the next one just follows up naturally. Despite the similarity, I don't think it has anything to do with plagiarism.

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My name Tri Hai and i come from Vietnamese

I'm a fan of Coldplay and T.Tien

As can we seen,the melody and the hook of POC sounds like Ra Ngo Tung Kinh. Plz trust your ear.

One more thing, Vietnam is not China,we won China,France,US,Japan in the war.
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Kinda annoying how people have started crying out "PLAGIARISM!" as soon as they find something that sounds similar to something else. Heck, look at the charts. It's like 5 times the same song.

Actually, it's not even unusual that the same rhythms, harmonies and melodies keep coming up over and over again. I mean, we're not talking about unbelievably complex musical areas. That's the easiest possible scale and all chords are taken from it.

Mind, just because it sounds the same doesn't mean one has taken it from the other. They might as well got the same idea.

Btw, the vocals from that Temple thing are horrible.

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