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The text behind the disc says that Up With The Birds features backing vocals by Juanita Stein and a sample from Driven By You by Brian May. It also includes a lyrical sample from Anthem by Leonard Cohen.


Why didn't they just put this in the booklet as well?

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tonight the streets are ours


can someone remind me what song these lyrics are from?


Hurts Like Heaven. "On ever street, every car, every surface an aim. Tonight the streets are ours and were writing and saying..."


I always thought it was "every surface are/our names" but one of the keyboards on stage has the lyric and it says "an aim".

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It seems the questionmark after the A is still not filled with a real inital if you know what I mean ;)



y + ? = 5



for the one on the thank you page..what are all the names??




Juno, Marianne, Yasmin, Apple, Moses, Gwyneth, Nico, Ava, ?, Rex, Chloe, Violet, Jonah, Joanna??

Is that right??

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There is nothing on these threads (I opened both, so I know well).


I would really love if someone could scan the booklet of MX, even more if it was the vinyl booklet, that is enormous and HQ.


But I don't think anybody will do it whenever.

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