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MX songs left out


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Does he say "when I'm old" at the end? I've got crappy speakers so might be wrong, but if it is the case, them this song might be Car Kids, because that one's about old people complaining, isn't that what Chris said?


(and yes, I know everyone is tired of all CK talk, and so am I, but just found this interesting :p )

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Maybe its because it doesn't sound like the MX era that it was left off the album?



In the Taratata interview, they said that some of the songs on the album are 3 years old (when they wanted to do an acoustic album) but they still kept some (UFO and UATW I guess) and also, some were fresh and new from the MX era. Maybe Car Kids is one of them. OR MAYBE IT'S JUST NOT CAR KIDS :lol: Anyways, it sounds like a great song. :) If we could hear it, we could type on google the lyrics and see if it's CK, because we already have some of the CK lyrics.

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Yeah, lets all ask the oracle and someone should get an answer. This is sooo exciting, I love that song and hope it. It is sometthing left off mx because they must like it and think its good enough to bother singing it outside of the studio! Maybe it is a b side that is coming out soon with a single and they plan on singing it at the early tour dates this month!

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