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[3-Aug-2012] Coldplay @ Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ, USA


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Atleast your parents want to take you -__-


Next time my parents ask if I'll go all the way to AC with them to see a Vietnamese show I'm gonna protest.


My friend wants to go but she doesnt have a ride ether and we plan to go by train...but you know how public transportation is :lol:

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Oh yeah...

Actually I don't, I don't live in a real "public transportation" kind of town. Our extent is a senior citizen bus, and of course the trains that go to Grand Central Station.


I'd imagine the bus/train to a Coldplay concert would be loads of fun though. I feel like it'd be a big singalong with tons of Coldplay fans decked out in rainbow colors - maybe something like the Charlie Brown video? :laugh3:


Yeah I don't know. We're driving :rolleyes:

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Haha there you go. Try finding some neon clothing to match the"graffiti/neon" atmosphere of the MX era with the lasers and pyrotechnics going on lmao. Also try getting a Xyloband that matches too.


My big ambitious plan is to wait till the summer to see what happens if there's seats available or not...it's ether Coldplay or a DSLR and that's a BIG choice.

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I have a question: guys, what do I have to do to get the very front seats? They would be the floor seating ones, right? I mean, I've tried to understand that "best available" thing, but I didn't do it that well... I always get a "sorry no exact matches were found" message and this is driving me crazy! Shouldn't I just select any price and "floor seating"? I dunno what I'm doing wrong, it it because maybe there are no more tickets available? :uhoh:

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Yeah they tend to do that. My mom paid $112 for my lower-level seats.


I got two neon, eye-searing v-neck t-shirts this weekend (neon yellow for me and light peach for my mom) as well as a long, Chris-like coat. Although it's way too long and not gray but khaki to be just like Chris'. I'll get wear out of it now though as well as during the summer, it's nice and lightweight.


Still need to get the converse!

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