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[3-Aug-2012] Coldplay @ Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ, USA

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Here they come - the floodgates just opened!


Filipe Lobato ‏@FILupyourglass

What in gods name is this.....#coldplay http://pic.twitter.com/kaAgUUeK



Missy ‏@LipstickTeaCup

My Xyloband! #coldplayfilm http://pic.twitter.com/IcFIw9vb



Ryan O'Leary © ‏@Ryan_0Leary

Coldplay concert #COLDPLAYFIlM http://pic.twitter.com/wsw1zdrP



kiana ‏@kianaonmars

#coldplayfilm !!! http://pic.twitter.com/wNEvYWqL


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K-T P :) ‏@katielin88


Just got to the IZOD center for Coldplay :) http://instagr.am/p/N4eQwoDJsV/



Joe Gencarelli ‏@gencarellijoe

IZOD center #Coldplay http://pic.twitter.com/RfKOaslh




Kristin Bassani ‏@kristinbassani

At #Coldplay show http://pic.twitter.com/dPnnoU5l



Lexie Stodden ‏@lexiestodden

@danny_sullivan_ @mandatinii let's go Coldplay #izod http://pic.twitter.com/HMYhKD2F


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Hi Liz,


What hotel was it or are you sworn to secrecy? Did you see the band or hear word that they were checking in? Sorry you're not "staying" the night with them. :)


Elena, I just quoted the person from Twitter, you may want to tweet them! (@thelizlarsen)

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Strange that no one thinks to check the hashtag on twitter before that pondering tweet?


KyleVonRebar ‏@KyleVonRebar

So what does this #COLDPLAYFILM wristband mean? #esoteric


Ronieka Thomas ‏@Follow_themoon

http://yfrog.com/nyl6luhej coldplay lightup bands! So freaking excited @christinejnoury @carolnoury #coldplayfilm


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Adam Posner ‏@AdamJPosner

Supreme selfless act: my boy gave his 2 #coldplay tix to his friend and wife who just got back from a 4 yr tour in Afghanistan, hookhimup!


WOW :stunned: That is, indeed, a supreme selfless act :nod:

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From: http://ladycaitymariah.tumblr.com/


Front row for Coldplay…is this real life?! #coldplay #ticket #concert #summer #vip #love �������� (Taken with Instagram)



Jessi Lynn ‏@jessitweeted

Xylo band and shirt all ready!! #coldplayfilm http://pic.twitter.com/QvrpTGT2



Helen Rooney ‏@hcr00n89

View from seats! Thanks for inviting me @kdulmovits #coldplay


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Wow. I hope all our coldplayers got there early.



Miguel Caldeira ‏@mrcaldeira

Queue to bus to #Coldplay concert at Port Authority. Hope it will be worthy to wait sooo long! http://pic.twitter.com/x3d2XuhN



Alexandra Gonzalez ‏@Agonzal

Starting our travels to #coldplay The line for the bus is at least 2 blocks long!




Mark C. Webster ‏@markcwebster

Jeez, is this the line for the bus to Coldplay at the Meadowlands, or are they handing out the antidote?


Michelle Roth ‏@Roth_Michelle

@coldplay the line in nyc to come see you is around the corner! On my way! http://pic.twitter.com/uQKAovEQ


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