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[12-Sep-2012] OlympiaStadion, Munich, Germany

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Does anyone have problems with the livestream?


Mara can't get it to work.. it says can't establish a connection. Should she just keep trying or are there any alternative links?


Thanks if anyone can help. :kiss:


Me too :confused:

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Excited! :) Maybe a little happy birthdaysong to Jonnyboy :D


or to Paradise... ;)


I've been thinking that all day!:D


That and I hope our boy isn't too hung over to play tonight,lol. Gigs the day after my Birthday are usually a little painful.:lol:

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The German public radio stations said yesterday that they still have some problems with their livestreams. It is a technical issue which took some time to be solved. But problems getting a connection are still sometimes current. Just try it. I also had some problems this afternoon, now it is working pretty fine.

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