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It's very hard to do that, the pages are to big for my scanner. The only thing I can do is make clearly pictures with my DSLR. Anyone interested?

With some Photoshop work it will look real nice when it's done.

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You're all welcome! :) You can download the images and you can sleeve them to iTunes from the directory you save them to.


You should add CB small image. Great job!

Woops, my bad! Here it is!



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Thanks for these!! Do you by chance have the large files without the text on it? That would be great! I want to use it for my phone background!! :D Thanks!!


I made photographs from the pop up with my camera, and after that I changed them in Photoshop. It aren't layers or something. I can photoshop the text away but it will look really ugly. Maybe you can use the big image of the graffiti wall as your phone background. I'm sure it will look amazing.




Bigger version

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not necessarily, it just takes a little finesse







Omg! This is brilliant! :O do you think you can do the same thing but with the mylo xyloto and a hopeful transmission one?!! Omg I've needed a new iPod background for a while now :O it's really epic!

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