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Coldplay Record Store Day Vinyl: Up With The Birds/U.F.O.


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I'm going to give LARD a spare one so he's off the list.


Did the other people that remain on the wantlist manage to get one (off eBay or whatever?)


Lore (Chile)

Jpw48 (UK)

Coldplay Respect! (The Netherlands)

UnderStrawberrySwing (UK)

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I sent an email to Strictly Discs about my order, this is their reply:


We were not able to get enough of these to ship out of state. You should have received a message via email letting you know; but sometimes the message lands in junk mail. My apologies for any inconvenience.


I'm still waiting for an update from Amazon but it doesn't look good.

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You guys probably all know this already, but I just noticed it's exactly the same artwork as Blur's Fool's Day (2010).





EDIT: Oh there seem to be a few others with the same artwork... Does Parlophone always do a RSD release like this?

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