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[5-May-2012] Coldplay @ KROQ Weenie Roast, Irvine, CA, USA

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Really glad I'm not in the pit today. Ira crazy in there.


This reminds me of the bad old days when they first started touring America and played festivals with bands that weren't the same vibe. Drunks, fights. Ii was at their first US festival gig when they were stuck among bands like that and had a horrible set as a result. So bat that Matt even wrote about that and their second gig.


At least they have the cred now, and they know not to let it get to them.:)

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Agreed. Sounds like he's having his prostate examined by Captain Hook.


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! THanks for a laugh I really needed!:lol:


EDIT: I'm sure it will be great, Tash. The quality's pretty good, in terms of audio. I just hope the fans are into it and the drunks just leave. :)

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It's 6:20 AM right now and I wish I was still asleep. This live stream better be good!


yeah its ok for now, hope they do the VIVA chant


i gotta remember NOT to scream it, i have others in the house and they HATE anything that has to do with coldplay

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Ugh. They're still playing. And we still have incubus. I sure as hell hope the boys dont have to shorten their set because of the 11:00 curfew :(


I know they built in some added time but I was hoping for at least an hour.

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Good morning, finally glad I live in my time zone, I've had almost a full night of sleep : )


I'm so surprised by the quality of the livestream, it's really good :wideeyed:


EDIT: Waaaaait, this was just Offspring? So they pushed Coldplay way back? :|

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^^ :nod: I hope it won't be like those gigs back in 2001 :laugh3:



Yes. I know. I got up. Couldn't resist. I'm weak :shame:


Reliving River Rave and remembering Matt's chapter about DC...and shivering just a little!


But they've come a long way and can handle it. Send them our true Coldplay love!:heart:

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