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Is it just me or...


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... Does Chris talk less during the concerts, I remember Chris used to talk a lot and making a lot of jokes during the intervals(in the Viva era before THP), but this era it seems like he's mostly just asking ''Everbody ok?'' and ''Is there anybody out there?'' ,'' I can't hear you''. Not that it's something very bad or shocking but I just notice it. and also the intervals between songs are all so short, for example, after Major Minus has ended it's like 2 seconds and LIJ/Lost! starts again. It sometimes just seems like they're in some kind of hurry. Anyone else has te same feeling?

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^:nod: We know they're very happy & enjoying it when they're on stage, but indeed they end songs fast and quickly begin the other, and so it seems like they just want to wrap it up quickly. Which is weird because, as I said, we know they really love being on stage!

I guess it's something they want: maybe they think this way the show is more dynamic, like you're caught in the experience and you only get to breathe once it's done. Idk :confused:

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Most venues have a curfew.The set list is much longer these days and they have to play all the songs before like 11:30 or whatever.


If he started talking for a few minutes they would have to take away songs !!!


compromise people.

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