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Coldplay MX comic panel at Comic-Con (13 July 2012)


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Please scan it so a lot of us can read it, they had a few in stock here in Mexico City but i don't live there and i couldn't buy it, as soon as i have a credit card i'll buy the lot from the official store but i want to read them as they're released, i would greatly appreciate it if you could post the scans or just PM them to me, thanks a lot :)


As mentioned several times before, scans can't be posted on here because of copyright reasons.

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She can just post the link to the page where the scans are uploaded... can't she?


No because we would still be linking to a place where the comics can be downloaded and that's basically the same as posting the scans. So just to be clear, don't post scans and downloads links on here.

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got my shipping email, but still waiting to receive comics 1 and 2 :/


For how long now? I remember the time I ordered from their store a few years ago it took at least a month for it to get here... I think it may have been two months.


Meanwhile I can get stuff shipped here USPS First Class International (el cheapo option) in 10 days. I swear they must use sea mail or something else ridiculous for Australia, not the first time they've been super slow...

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Well, yeah our eye-contact lasted several seconds indeed :charming:

About 5 seconds of intense blueness :wideeyed:


ooh I'm so jealous!:) I didn't get any closer then, "OMG he looked in my direction, maybe he saw me!" :lol: And that was allready nice:)



*off topic*

Go to this page, scroll down until you see Thread Display Options and tick Show Signatures, that should solve the problem : )


Thanks! :)

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Oh this sucks I can't wait for Issue 3 to arrive! By the way, any huge discoveries or links to the album yet? I guess the most exciting parts will be 'The Break Up' (POC) and whatever Up With The Birds is about… perhaps 'renewal' is a good word? Some sort of goodbye into the sunset where Mylo is looking forward to his future...

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So far I didn't find huge links with the album, only some details or winks to the MX era :




The names of the characters : Mylo Xyloto, Major Minus, Rex

The Car Kids and the ck symbol

The spark "This could be Paradise"

"Hurts Like Heaven" written on an old spark from the Car Kids

Hypnofeed and Hypnoflow

"A Hopeful Transmission" symbol on Major Minus' building, the Hypnofeed helmet and on other stuff

The Eye of Major Minus watching the citizens of Silencia


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