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Guest howyousawtheworld
Elbow's "One Day Like This" shot to #4 in the iTunes chart after the closing ceremony, even tho NBC cut them. Really disappointed with their coverage. All the time I was in New York they just showed beach volleyball :sad:


Wow that is not good. Emeli Sande "Abide With Me" in the opening ceremony and then Elbow (one of the few highlights) in the closing. For an Olympics that was the most watched in the history of broadcasting NBC really screwed up it seems.

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Elbow weren't cut, per se. They just weren't shown or acknowledged for their presence. (Which I suppose is about the same thing...) At least I got to hear them during the gathering of the nations. (They sounded brilliant. :heart:)

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I think they should have mentioned the Paralympics in the Closing Ceremony. I know they're two different events but they're very much related and many people won't even know about it.


I hope the IOC see sense and merge the 2 games together from 2020, as the Paralympics feel like the poor cousin of the main Olympics, even though some of the achievements in those games will be great,

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