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Showers or baths?


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Yeah more life-changing questions from yours truly...


For me, baths. Don't like showers very much. I don't like standing up, that's how lazy I am. And bubble baths are the best, as well as a hot bath with hot cocoa afterwards after a cold and rainy day :awesome:


Only exceptions are when I'm covered in dirt or something, obviously you have to take a shower then, and when I'm at someone else's place (feel really weird about bathing at someone else's house)


Now I leave this question to you. Obviously showers will win but let's see how long we can go before hearing the infamous "eww baths are sitting in your own filth" :shifty:


BQ: How often do you shower/bathe? Me, once a day, in the evening, don't see the point in showering 2-3 times a day unless you're an athlete or your job is sifting through manure or something

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We don't even have a bath tub here at our house...I like baths and I like showers, but I'd only bathe if I had enough time.


I take a shower every morning, and sometimes like to take a cool shower before bed, just because of how hot and humid it is here. I but on days that I know I'm gonna be out in the heat or playing a sport, I shower after I'm done with whatever it is.

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