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Mixtape Exchange #16 [Mixtapes due 25/11]

Cyan Kat

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yeah so it's time again

here was the last one by the awesome wyrd.

rules are

1. Sign up saying you want to participate - leave your name on the thread

2. When the deadline for signing up is over, you'll get a PM from me giving you the name of another participant in the Exchange. You will be making a mix for this person, whoever they may be

3. You mustn't reveal who you are making the mix for, on pain of being tickled by a thousand feathers

4. Make your mix-tape (average length is around 50-70 minutes) and delete the info for each song.

5. Upload the mix-tape to something like rapidshare and send me the link and a tracklisting. I will then send it to the person assigned to you, keeping your identity a secret of course!

6. When you receive a mix-tape, listen to it, write a review and post it in this thread.

7. The person who made the mix-tape will then post the track-list and the link so everybody can download it. Simple as that.


* New Suggestions

~ i will try and contact people and if there's no reply within a week or so i'll use spare tapes and maybe make a reserve list of members who miss the deadline.


~ extend the limit on the mixtape, so it's between 60 min to 80 min


~ try to come up with a theme so you could have a mixtape all about cats and add stuff like lovecats and make cheesy tracknames about cats until it's purrfect.



so basically





and thanks to alien radio.


Sign Up has closed.



The Mixtape Submission deadline is Monday the 25th of November at 23:59 GMT


peepz partcipating

~ Cyan Kat

~ DIOli05

{RV + TL + LK} by Tnspieler1012

~ Destrokk

{RV+ TL + LK} by DIOli05

~ Alien Radio

~ Texas Rez

{RV + TL + LK} by Mrk

~ Chris_

~ iPsy

~ Mrk

{RV + TL + LK} by Destrokk

~ Jonny and the cake

{RV + TL + LK} by dreamorlife

~ Prince Myshkin

{RV + TL + LK} by Cartervilla

~ MaxRide

{RV + TL + LK} by The Final Track.

~ Tnspieler1012

{RV +TL + LK} by Wyrd

~ Ouch

{RV + TL + LK}

~ dreamorlife

{RV + TL + LK} by Prince Myshkin

~ Violet

{RV + TL + LK} by Alien Radio

~ The Mad Hatter

{RV + TL+ LK} by Jonny and the Cake

~ Cartervilla

~ Coldplay

~ Italian Plastic

{RV + TL + LK} by The Mad Hatter

~ chrismartin_

~ Wyrd

{RV + TL + LK} by Texas Rez

~ The Final Track

~ The Lonely Martian



~ squibby92

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